The Sim

Station One, has been designed for many roles. It serves as the Command Center for Ronin Fleet however that's just where it begins. The large platform of the station functions as a writers hub for anyone who joins to share their time and efforts creating Star Trek events and lore. It is a place to build sound characters and interact with others. There are no posting requirements on the station.

Writers are allowed and highly encouraged to locate characters on the station they are working on, or wish to develop. In addition writers are allowed to "Park" current completed characters they are not writing with on the station for use later. Think of this as a Star Trek character repository. The station can be a haven for your Character in retirement. When requesting to 'Park" a character please contact the Commander so a specific location can be made for them. Certain positions on the station will require participation such as active crew and department heads.

Ronin Fleet Command positions are at the discretion of the Ronin Fleet Admiralty. Feel free to submit them here at the station. If you are seeking Command of your own Vessel, or would like to join The Fleet with an existing sim just contact us. Ronin Fleet is expanding and there are many opportunities to be found here.

My goal is to provide a stellar location for information and support for all writers in this genre. I hope to meet you soon.

Edward R. Fannin