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Station Commander, Staff Arrival

Posted on Sat Jul 1st, 2017 @ 3:01pm by Captain Edward Fannin

Mission: Creating The Foundation
Location: Main Passenger Terminal
Timeline: Current

The first Starfleet craft approached the main hanger deck of Station One. The Small Transport held a fleet security team and carried the Staff baggage and equipment that would be needed for the first few days on the station. It calmly set down on the ramp and was surrounded by a aircraft maintenance recovery team. Within the next few minutes the 66 man Security team had secured the hanger deck and set to work posting throughout all adjoining decks and the VIP areas.

The Senior Contractors had gathered to welcome the Commander and staff. The dozen or so representatives of CORE Design Systems were eager to meet Captain Fannin and show off their newest and almost completed project. The project team had prepared a large section of the Passenger Terminal Annex for a presentation. Complete with Holograms of deck plans, quarters and demonstrations of Station capabilities. Very nervous the group as they were clearly aware that Fannin most likely knew the entire design of the Station and had insisted his staff and department heads had equal knowledge as well. He would ensure that every function worked as well as possible right down to the last fitting and Bolt.

The Sovereign Class Yacht entered the hanger and landed. Soon the hatches opened and Captain Fannin and his team of staff and technicians walked across the terminal and were cordially greeted by the awaiting Contractors. The event was being Videoed for the Fleet archives but without any audio recording.

Fannin and the staff attended the hour long presentation in the Annex. What they had expected was a long and boring briefing turned out to be a complex and extremely visual show. They were surprised, impressed and taken completely off guard by the event. During a short reception Buffet Lieutenant West, Fannin's Adjutant had been contacted about a short private meeting with The CORE Systems project team Chief Engineer..

"They are getting a very big head start on this inspection." Fannin smiled.

"Yes Sir that appears to be the goal, However it wasn't stated what the meeting would be about." Lieutenant West was all business.

"Very well set it up and we will see what he needs. After this dinner is finished you can dismiss the rest of the staff to their quarters. Just keep Jack with us." Fannin returned to small talk as West set into motion. The staff could use the break and excited about getting settled into their quarters. She then notified Commander Mountain, "Jack" that the Captain would need him for a meeting. Mountain was the Staff personal security officer and was always close by to Fannin.

The Captains ready room was completed and nicely furnished conference room. Fannin entered and took his seat with Lieutenant West several chairs down, Commander Mountain Took a seat at the door. The view from the room displayed a clouded planet Earth. Robert Cornish was quite happy to have this time with the Captain and didn't seem troubled at all...

"Captain, Thank you for seeing me so quickly after your arrival. But I felt as Chief of the project I needed to advise you that our team is farther along than perhaps you were briefed at Starfleet." He smiled.

"In fact we have been done for the most part for a week now."

Fannin was very skeptical now, and it was clear that Cornish wanted his people off the station as soon as possible for one reason or another... But Edward was familiar to the game.

"That is indeed commendable Mr. Cornish. And I shall do everything possible to get you and your crew back to Earth. That being said, the Starfleet inspection team will cover every inch of this station and verify it's readiness before I sign for the project and anyone departs. I assure you It will be fast and complete as I have the finest Fleet technicians that can be found arriving within hours. I can guarantee they shall leave no stone unturned."

Not the answer that Cornish wanted to hear but he had to try it.

"Of course Sir." He nodded. "We at CORE Systems look forward to working with you Sir." And Cornish departed the ready room.

A full minute passed before Commander Mountain rose from his chair and opened a small thin briefcase. The scanner was the latest from Fleet intelligence and would detect any devices in the room. Jack took a few minutes on the task and tossed it back into the briefcase. He looked at the Captain and the Adjutant and gave the Thumbs up signal indicating the room was indeed clear.

Fannin took out his padd as West replicated a few cups of select Kona coffee. Commander Mountain pulled out a seat beside the Captain. He was also referencing his Padd. Edward took a sip of the Coffee and smiled. He looked at Lieutenant West.

"The team settled in Monica?"

"Yes sir, quarters have been assigned and our team is getting the full VIP experience to be sure. Although some have already begun venturing out to check out their duty locations. Expectations are very high after that presentation."

"Yes I suppose so. 'Jack when does the package arrive?"

"The shipment of all classified will be here in one hour. Our security team has Shuttle Bay 19 sealed off adjacent to the Intel vault. Once on the station it will be secured and installed within minutes. Fleet has provided us with a skilled team on the start up Sir". Jack Mountains voice was low and firm.

"Outstanding Commander, well done. After their completed we need to give those Intel folks some VIP treatment too."

"Monica, as soon as our encrypted comms are up please send a message to Fleet giving our status and advise them we will be linking up very soon with the prearranged message. They will be thrilled to have it so easy. Please send for the on duty Security Force Commander report to the bridge when he is free." Lieutenant West nodded and grabbed her padd to send the message.

Fannin stood and walked to the clear door of the ready room. The ready room was located on the second floor of the Bridge. He was impressed with the large area below him. Built in a circular fashion. The Stations Bridge was Three levels high and an enormous. Several large veiwscreens hung within view of the center command and control deck. It took Three hundred officers and crew to fully man the bridge. The Two higher levels surrounded the center with clear paneled offices for Department Heads and support staff. Adjacent to the bridge was a large break room and lounge area with a staffed dining facility. The break room was a large observation deck with lift stations and facilities. The view was stunning. And it had that new station smell to it... Edward chuckled under his breath.

The Captain met with the Security Force Commander, A very serious young Officer who notified Edward all the classified had been secured in the intel Vault. With the data stored and in the process of being downloaded. Fannin headed for his quarters for some needed rest before the shakedown began.

A small lift station beside the command bridge platform took him to his residence one sub level below the Bridge. He smiled and greeted a Marine sentry in dress uniform at a security station in a small lobby in front of his quarters. The residence was large by every standard. he had a hand in its design and decoration. A full kitchen and entertainment area. Guest rooms, A study with full comm station, Library and a master bedroom and private bath. he could look towards the Planet or toggle the view to any image he had programmed in the computer, He enjoyed A night city scape of San Francisco skyline the best... In the private study Edward could view the main station view screen and had complete sensor capability.

Lieutenant West had seen that his baggage was unpacked and stowed away. Several Uniforms hung neatly in his closet. He sat on the large leather sofa in his bedroom and was asleep in minutes without realizing it...


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