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Station Inspections and Crew Arrival

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2017 @ 10:49pm by Captain Edward Fannin & Commander Jack Mountain & Lieutenant Monica West

Mission: Creating The Foundation
Location: Various Locations
Timeline: Current

==Captains Quarters==

Still sleeping on the couch, Edward jolted awake as the Marine Porter set a Coffee service on the living room table. The white uniformed marine smiled and greeted the Captain.

"Morning Sir, brought you some Kona. Lieutenant West is in the study. Breakfast served in Ten."

Fannin stretched and poured a steaming cup of select Kona punishment. Coffee in hand he walked to the bedroom for a quick shower and change of uniform.

He arrived to the study several minutes later with a refreshed appearance in a regular duty uniform. They study was occupied with a Communication's Officer working on his computer under the watchful eye's of one of the Intelligence Team.

Monica West was waiting in a chair clearly waiting for them to complete their tasks. She stood as Edward entered the study.

"Good Morning Sir. Hope you slept well. We have a busy schedule on First shift." She watched as Fannin looked to the busy officers.

"These men will be finished in a few minutes. Just some last minute code addition's to your set Sir."

Edward took a drink of Coffee. "No problem, they can join us for breakfast in the Dining room if they like when their done." He turned and was followed by West to the large formal dining room that was being set. "Well what torchers' do you have planned for me on day one Monica?"

West seemed nervous as she was just adjusting to Fannin's sense of humor..

Edward took a plate of fresh fruit from the cupboard and waved her to the table. Monica quickly grabbed a plate and put it on the table. She reached to her padd.

"In twenty you have a Security briefing in the ready room, followed by a visit from the Engineering team leader for a Station update. After that I scheduled a walking inspection of the upper decks. Nothing in depth at all. It will let the crew see you and keep the contractors off your back for a while."

Fannin smiled. "Sounds like a plan Monica. Now please sit down and relax. Your doing great. Working staff is easy, can't let it stress you out young lady." Edward watched jack enter the Dining room and head straight for the coffee. It was his routine. Edward knew Jack always ate breakfast with his family before starting his duties. And his Wife frowned about his coffee addiction.

"Good morning Commander Mountain. I trust all is well.?"

Jack grinned as he gulped down his first drink. Over the years Mountain knew Fannin's sarcasm's well. They had a good working agreement. Fannin allowed Jack to do his job and Jack kept Edward and the staff alive.

"Yes my Captain. The System still exists and you live and breathe.." Mountain took a chair as the technicians came in from the study.

"All done Sir."

"Thank you gentlemen. Please get something to eat and take a chair." Both officers seemed stunned at being so informally invited to the Captains table. But quickly obeyed the command. Edward turned to Jack and Monica. "You guys getting settled in so far? If you need some time just let me know." Edward knew West was single, but Jack had several Children and he would need to assist them in getting adjusted to the Station.

==Captains Ready Room==

Fannin listened to his security briefing and was very impressed at the amount of tasks that had been accomplished in the last Ten hours since the team had arrived. The briefing complete there was a short break before the Chief Engineer would take a shot. Lieutenant West was making a few notes.

"Sir, Most of the crew will be here by end of second watch. All mission essential posts are now covered with Starfleet personnel. Of course with contractor counterparts for the time being." She was worried for a while about everyone getting to the station on tome, but things had picked up.

"Thank you Monica, good work." Edward looked down from the ready room into the cavernous control room and the elevated offices perched above. That was a lot of people out there. The station was a choice assignment. Larger quarters and recreation. The biggest benefit was it was an accompanied long tour of duty. It allowed for dependent Fleet families to be together. All crewmen had been assigned quarters however the family members had to wait until the station had been signed off on by Fannin and his team. He had planned to have a Family Day and a big reception for the thousands that would arrive. Soon the Chief Engineer arrived. Fannin took his chair...


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