Main Sickbay Walkthrough

Posted on Sun Jul 30th, 2017 @ 3:11am by Captain Edward Fannin & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD & Lieutenant Commander Sara "Mac" McKlusky RN

Mission: Creating The Foundation
Location: Main Sickbay Deck 83
Timeline: current

Captain Fannin had decided to take a visit to the Main Sickbay on Deck 83. As it had been fully completed he had yet to sign off on final approval. That would need the advice of Medical staff on hand to advise him that everything was functioning according to design. Edward had noted that a Chief Medical Officer had indeed arrived and he hoped to meet Her.

The entry to sickbay was very open and pleasant, It was a very large facility encompassing all treatment and specializations in all known races. Edward was certain it had cost the Fleet enormous cost for such divine support.

What people referred to as the Main Sickbay consisted of two suites. The first was the Emergency Room that contained 20 treatment cubicles with state of the art biobeds and equipment and it had its own turbolift and a Medical Transporter as well as being the communications center for the ER, Emergency Field Trauma Specialists and the Medical Transport shuttle. Adjacent to the ER was the Intermediate Care suite of 11 cubicles and was used for non-emergency patients and patient care once they have been triaged and stabilized in the ER. Separating the two suites was a circular nurses' station with a view of both suites and monitors allowing views of each cubicle. It also housed the communications system, medicine room and, at the rear, was the medical transporter.

Cara was standing in front of the nurses' station directing engineers who were bringing in new equipment and hooking up systems. "No....I don't want that over there.....I want it over there," she told two of the workers hauling a hover trolley laden down with supply containers.

From the back of the nurses' station came the booming voice of the new Director of Nursing. "What part of fragile don't you understand, Petty Officer? Do you need to borrow a dictionary? Fragile. Delicate. Fracturable. Breakable. Take your pick. If any of its contents are broken it will come out of your replicator allotment."

Cara couldn't help but smile. "Go easy on them, Mac," she called out. "Remember....we're dealing with wrench jockeys."

Fannin heard the voices of several people in the area ahead and followed a few hurried crewmen into the Nurses Station. He smiled as it was quite clear the Medical staff were getting 'Nested in'. He was observed by a Petty Officer who was about to call the room to attention, but Edward shook his head and preferred to make a casual entrance. He observed Two Medical Commanders in discussion.

"Hello, everything going ok down here?" Edward was smiling as his presence among the crewmen had been revealed.

Both Mac and Cara turned and looked back at the captain. Mac strated to open her mouth to say something but Cara held up her hand and said, "why don't you show him where you want those containers put, Mac," then she turned back to the CO and smiled. "Hello, Captain. Welcome to the merry old land of Oz," she said, walking over to him and extending her hand. "I'm Dr. O'Reilly....Cara...your CMO. And that demure young lady...," she pointed to Mac, who was far from demure in stature, " your Director of Nursing, LtCDR McKlusky but we call her Mac."

"Pleasure to have you aboard Cara, and it's very clear you and Mac have things here under control. I thought I would stroll by and see if you had everything you needed. Dealing with these contractors can be troublesome at times." He shook her skilled hand.

Edward was sure after seeing the Doctor she was the right person for this position on the station. And looking at the new Director of Nursing he didn't think she would put up with any nonsense either..

"Nothing we can't handle," Cara said with a chuckle. "I'm glad you stopped by," she added, moving away from the noise. "I wanted to talk to you about Medical's shifts. I noticed on the computer that the schedule is set up the same as the rest of the base in 3 8 hour shifts. But I would like to propose changing that for Medical to 2 12 hour shifts 3 days on 2 off. It makes for a more efficient medical coverage as well as keeps the staff from burning out," she said and leaned against the chest high counter at the front of the nurses' station.

Edward thought about the shifts, of course she was correct. "Commander this is your show, if you need extra staff to run a four crew cycle to meet the needs of the Medical center I will get them for you. And I'm sure we will be far better prepared for emergencies on your schedule actually."

Edward liked the fact that this woman thought about her team first. The size of the facility was a key part in their mission and Fannin didn't need any stressed out or exhausted crew anywhere on the station...

" If there's anything you need to get the facility on is feet I shall support it. If you have any issues with these contractors and they aren't listening to you please call me. Before I except your department for Starfleet use your going to have to tell me it's ready and functional, as I just don't have the knowledge that you and Mac have."

"I appreciate that, Captain," Cara said, smiling. "I assure main concern is that this facility be ready to treat patients before I care about Starfleet's seal of approval. And believe will be completely ready. Until then we will see patients in the backup medical bays on Deck 577." She looked around and added, "I estimate that at the pace we're going ER and Intermediate Care should be fully operational in a week. Surgery and the Burn Units at least 3 weeks. They're installing the last furnishings in the dentist's office this afternoon and OB/GYN will be ready tomorrow. The Wards, however, may take a month. They're having some issues with the holographic environment walls and the metal floor is not accepting the carpet adhesive so they may have to do it old school."

"I'm very confident that you will run a great facility. Inbound Traffic will in our areas in a few hours, which as you know means passing vessels may need urgent care only. But I will give you advanced warning if that comes up."

"We'll be ready, Captain," Cara said with a nod. She straightened up and said, " the way....when was your last physical?" Then she smirked. "And don't bother fibbing because all I have to do is check your records."

"I had to pass a complete Physical to get this job dear. That was Three weeks ago yesterday." Fannin smiled. "However I do have a Officer on staff who you should hunt down. His name is Jack Mountain." Fannin gave the Doctor a wink and laughed.

Cara smiled. "Ok. Then you are safe. But tell Mr. Mountain I will be setting up an appointment for him," she said. "Now...unless there is something else....I need to get back to work."

"Absolutely, it was nice meeting you." Fannin wandered out to the main hallway, he had some time to check a few of the Marine decks before heading back to the office. He felt medical was certainly in good hands.